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One of the very first thoughts which may cross your mind when you are thinking of buying a 3D TV set is that it may cost a real fortune. This can be true or not. There are many brands which are manufacturing these types of TVs and because the competition between them is quite big their main interest is to keep their clients satisfied and this may require high quality at affordable prices. The highest and the newest technology may cost but it also last this is why even if the prices may not be as huge as you thought at the beginning they can’t be too cheap either.

One of the best brands in this industry is LG which created for itself a great name because most all its products if not all of them are accomplishing both client’s needs, namely price and high quality. A very searched 3DTV model which it has many features which can place it in the top of the list of mostly all the customers is LF Infinia 47LW6500. It is a device which is able to give a great image, clear and with no blur involved. It is also a device which is very easy to use. It has a great memory size. The 3D images are of a great perfection. You can watch from any part of the room and the clarity, contrast and brightness and the image will never change. Also the thing that you will not miss any detail of the picture makes things more interesting. It is maybe the greatest home cinema you can have in your house. Your 3D experience no matter if you are talking about a movie or about a video game will be incomparable with anything else.

About the price even if it may differ from seller to seller you will pay between $ 1,500 and $ 1,800. You can find discounts and special offers which can lower the price. You can try sellers like Amazon, Buy dig, Abt,, and many others similar with the ones mentioned here. All you have to do is to start your research online, compare all the prices and facilities offered and make the best deal possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it from local stores as well. It may be harder to see all the offers in one day and after that decide but it is an option. In conclusion in case you want to have your own 3D cinema inside your home you should start your research with this one and your pockets won’t be drained and also the satisfaction will be at the highest level possible.