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LG 47LW6500 review

In case you are searching for a smart TV which is also a 3D TV you should only go for high quality devices. Why? Because you don’t want to pay high amounts of money for something that doesn’t worth a dime. People today are very charmed with the 3D movies, and many producers are making movies which are also available in this version. It is a very spectacular way of watching a movie because you feel like you are in the middle of the action. You can go and watch them at the cinema but what if you can have your own cinema inside your home?



There are various brands which are trying to make smart 3D TVs so you can have the opportunity to watch such movies or play video games from the comfort of our home. Not all of them succeeds in this task and not all these devices are satisfying ones. In case you want a suggestion you should read the reviews wrote about LG Infinia 47LW6500 which is a very good device. In fact you may know by now the quality products LG is releasing on the market. They will never do something less qualitative and put in danger their name. This is why when you are talking about this particular device you can expect only good things. The 47″ LED display is able to offer you one of the clearest images and all the other features like brightness, light and others are also very well accomplished. You can see clear images no matter from which corner of the room you may watch. It has a wide storage capacity which means that you can record thousands of movies, videos and video games. The original package comes with 3D glasses so you can watch 3D movies at the highest level. It is very easy to use and to carry because it is also quite lightweight. No blur will disturb your image and the responding reaction is incredibly fast.

This is one reason blur views are out of the question. The contrasts are very easy to set in case you may have other preferences. As it was mentioned above is very easy to understand how to use such device. Not missing any detail when you are looking at a picture will only make things better. This can be your own cinema and you can be sure that you will be satisfied. Above all it is not the most expensive device from the market.