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LG 47LW6500 Features

The technology evolved very much in the last period of time, and people are very much interested in bringing inside their homes the newest technology possible. This is something normal if you take in consideration what benefits it can bring to you. You can have your own private cinema inside your home with no need of paying extra money so you can see a movie at the highest standards. In the last period of time the 3D movies emerged on the market and many people are curious to see these movies and feel like they are in the middle of the action. The sensations you will experience while you are seeing 3D movies can’t be compared with what you may felt in the past.

This is why you may be interested to know, which is one of the best 3D TVs on the market today? One of them is LG Infinia 47LW6500. It has a 47″ LED backlight display which is capable to offer you a great clarity and perfect images no matter from which angle you may look at it. The responding time is very fast, which means that the commands you may make will be accomplished as fast as possible such as volume level, clarity of the image, brightness settings and many other things. In mostly all the stores you may find it, you will benefit of at least one year of warranty. It is also very lightweight which it makes things much easier for you in case you want to move it around the house. It is not such an expensive device according with other similar devices. Among with the TV set you will also receive 3D glasses which will make your 3D movies experience an unique one. It can be stored inside thousands of movies and video games. Regarding the video games you will not have to face any type of blur while you are playing and the clarity of the image will make the game more interesting and even more real.





It will be nice to know that you can have a TV set which is allowing you to not miss any small detail of the image. The LG company created a powerful name in this industry and the products released by them on the market are the real proof of that. This device is another great innovation which is showing the LG superiority comparing with other important brands regarding the quality of the displays, and the entire technology used. These TVs are also called smart TVs and this can be proved if you just try and watch a movie or play a video game using this device. You will never want something else than that.